Are Binoculars Allowed at Concerts?

With Covid-19 somewhat dying down, our social lives can now finally be led through enjoyable activities like concerts. Being able to go and see our favorite artists perform after being trapped in the house for so long feels like a dream coming true!

However, what happens when you only manage to grab the tickets for back seats that offer a poor view? What do you do when you are unable to see the artist on stage?

Do not worry as we have the perfect solution!

Simply, include a pair of binoculars along with the things you pack for a concert. Now you must be asking, can I bring binoculars to a concert? Yes, you can!

However, there are some conditions that need to be met. Allow us to explain!

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BringingBinoculars to a Concert

Can I bring binoculars to a concert

Often enough, singers will hold concerts in humongous stadiums, arenas, or halls, letting millions of audiences fill in each. However, as all these people join up to see one or two artists, you cannot really expect everybody to have access to the same viewing experience.

As front seat tickets run out quickly and are pretty expensive, it is very likely that you will get stuck with one that offers a poor vantage point. To prevent such problems from ruining the concert’s thrilling experience, venues will allow the audience members to bring binoculars for themselves. 4x to 8x magnifications are said to be best for indoor concerts whereas 7x to 10x will offer you the perfect view for outdoor ones.

Despite being an approved item, your binocular will have to go through a thorough security check before you are permitted to carry it in. This is because many people tend to use them in order to sneak in forbidden items like alcohol, drugs, pocket knives, etc. which can cause harmful and unpleasant disruptions to the concert.

Other than this, the security might also forbid you from carrying large binoculars. This is because they can hit others on the head while the user jumps or dances to the beat.

Tips on Keeping Your Binocular Safe During Concerts

  • Do not share! While this might make you seem a little thoughtless in the eyes of others, it is best to keep your binoculars to yourself. Remember that it is your device, and use it to keep track of all the performances. If another person uses the binocular to make observations, you will have to spend time readjusting the magnification according to your preference.
  • Do not put them too far away. Being able to quickly grab the binoculars when you want to view something is important. So, if you stash them away somewhere else, chances are, you will miss some fun moments of the concert.
  • Bring a piece of tissue for cleaning. Lenses need to be kept away from every speck of dust to ensure full visibility. So, do not forget to bring a piece of tissue to the concert which can be used for cleaning out water droplets or dust particles that can leave permanent stains.
  • Putting on a neck strap. Having your binocular strapped safely onto your neck will null the chances of it falling. You can, therefore, stop cracks from occurring on the body, lenses, or prisms.

Things to Look for While Shopping for Concert Binoculars

  1. Magnification: As we mentioned before, 8 x 32 will be the ideal pick. They allow a good flow of light into the eye and let you see the stage as if it were eight times bigger than what would have been seen using the naked.
  2. Weight: Heavy or big binoculars should be avoided for concert use since you will have to carry them for a long time.
  3. Water and Fog proofing: Since most concerts take place in outdoor stadiums, be prepared to fight weather conditions with the right features.
  4. High-Quality Lenses: Multi-coated lenses cancel out reflections to cut down hindrances to vision. Brightness is also properly maintained letting the user see everything that’s taking place on the stage.
  5. EyeRelief: Small eye reliefs will surely cause you strain while attending long events. So, it is always best to get an eye relief that is greater than 14 mm long for comfortable usage.


Can you bring binoculars to a BTS concert?

Fans who attend a BTS concert are presented with a small clear plastic bag to store their things. As long as the binocular’s size allows it to fit within the clear bag, it can be carried inside. A binocular that cannot be squeezed into the bag cannot be carried in separately.

What can you not bring to a concert?

The rules for what you can and cannot bring to a concert may differ from artist to artist. Most will ask you to not bring an expensive bag, wear sweaters, or packed meals. Wearing big pieces of jewelry is also not approved since they can fall off and hurt others. Weapons like pocket knives and guns are also prohibited.

Should I wear a hoodie to a concert?

Yes, you can wear a hoodie to a concert. However, since concerts are packed with audiences, do check to ensure that it does not make you sweat a lot. Layering up too much will only prevent you from enjoying and you can even faint!

How do you carry something at a concert?

To carry identification cards, credit cards, etc. you can always bring a small cardholder that safely encases them. The safest and most reliable option though, are the pockets where you can easily stash away your phone, money, or other belongings.


Can I bring binoculars to a concert?

Yes, you can! Grab a small pair of binoculars to enjoy your beloved artist’s show to the fullest. Nonetheless, remember that not all concerts have the same rules so you might not always be allowed to do so. To prevent conflicts, always check out the requirements before packing anything in.

With that being said, it’s time to bid you goodbye. Hopefully, our article could help you out!

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