What Is Eye Relief In Binoculars? You Must Need To Know

Considering the eye relief size in a binocular is a very significant constituent. Eye relief segregates the conveniences of a glass wearer and without glass. Before you know which size eye relief is perfect, you must know what eye relief in binocular is actually.

You have to be aware while choosing a binocular because eye-relief is much important as binocular other parts. There has a lot to talk about eye relief in here stay tuned.

What is eye relief in binocular?

We know much about binocular and its specific features. Nevertheless, the numbers of people haven’t any idea about eye relief in binocular. That’s why they must need to know what eye relief in binocular means is?

Typically, Eye relief is an area, or you can say a distance between eyes pupil to the eyepiece. When you take the binocular to view your chosen object, you have to keep your eyes on it. You will see there has a holster from the eyepiece that part is the eye relief.

Eye relief plays a crucial optimal role in the field of view. It carries the protection responsibility of both eyes from impact and shock. Basically, for a large field of view and clear image eye relief has some great contribution.

What is the difference between eye relief and eyepiece?

Lots of people get confused when it comes to eye relief and eyepiece. These two are the different parts and features in a binocular. The eyepiece is a lens that is adjusted on the front side of a binocular. Where our eye keeps the look on the lens, that lens is the eyepiece.

Particularly, eye relief is a binocular segment that divides the eye pupil and eyepiece lens. Therefore, eyepiece and eye relief isn’t the corresponding part of a binocular. Eye relief is an only tract which ensures the large and wider image rather eyepiece lens ensures only the image quality.

One more thing, eye relief works to protect the eye from impact; contrary, eyepiece works is only about a clear image. Indeed, these are certain differences between eye relief and eyepiece.

Is eye relief connected with magnification power and field of view?

Eye relief is a portion, which connected with every single component of binoculars. For instance, magnification power and field of view are highly connected with eye relief. So, what’s the magnification power?

Magnification power means how much closer you can watch the image with binocular. For example, take 30X60 magnification power. ‘30’ means you can zoom the binocular 30th time closer and watch through your fresh eye. If you have large eye relief, it will deliver a large image while zooming.

what does 30x60 meaning on binoculars
What Does 30×60 Meaning In Binoculars

The field of view means how much range you can reach with your binocular. Short eye relief doesn’t provide a wider field of view, but large eye relief promises a wider sharp view. Therefore, somehow eye relief has much correlation with magnification power and field of view.

Which eye relief is the best for Long or short eye relief?

The majority numbers of binocular come with short eye relief. But the question is which one is suitable and unadulterated for convenient use? Eye relief short or long doesn’t matter for normal people, but it matters who wears the eyeglasses. Let’s clarify this matter and find out the superior one.

Short eye relief

A short eye relief comes with less than 13mm size. Basically, this eye relief size bit pertinent who don’t wear glass. It won’t be favorable who wear glass. Because, when they look through an eyepiece, they will be unable to view consummately.

Long eye relief

Only branded binocular provides a long eye relief section. A long eye relief size is about 20mm to 24mm. Manufacturers decided to turn it large so glass wearer can look flawlessly. It also reduces the pressure of eye pupils and helps to contact eyepiece smoothly.

long eye relief

After considering both components, I realize that long eye relief is much advantageous instead of short eye relief.

Can I adjust the eye relief power in binocular?

Of course, you can adjust the power of eye relief in binoculars. The process is pretty unpretentious to do. Nowadays, binocular eye relief is extendable and that assures the adjustment of its power. You have a binocular which has 13-16mm eye relief size. As we know, 16mm is the perfect size for glass wearer.

Initially, eye relief will come as a 13mm size. Now you have to extend or turn it. To increase its power, you need to round the knob into the (+) direction. Or else, for decreasing its power, turn the knob into (-) direction. Whatever size you feel comfortable, you can adjust the eye relief power.

What is a good eye-relief for glasses wearers?

We use binocular for the closer look and eyeglasses also work for a closer look. Consequently, if you look at the eyepiece while wearing glasses, you can’t watch comfortably. In this case, it will be better if you choose 16mm to 24mm eye relief able binoculars.

What is a good eye-relief for without glasses?

In ordinary binoculars, their eye relief comes with short, which is suitable for normal people. Because we don’t need any eyeglasses, as for this a perfect eye relief for us is 10mm to 16mm.

10-16mm is the perfect size to get a comfortable and sharp wider image. Indeed, you can reduce or increase the eye relief power as your requirement too.

Final thoughts

So, we are on the concluding line of “what is eye relief in binoculars.” Eye relief is much crucial for magnification power and a quality full sharp image. Some of the binocular provides short eye relief where some come with longer.

Longer eye relief is best for those who wear the eyeglass. On the other hand, short eye relief is constructed for those people who don’t wear eyeglasses. Normally, I tried to clarify every single question you could have about eye-relief.

Hopefully, this useful information will help you to obtain it.


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