Easy Steps To Choosing A Binoculars (Step-By-Step-GuideLines-2022)

Since binocular was invented, some fake binocular brands launched cheap quality binoculars. For this reason, beginners are unable to choose the right one for them.

So, how can you choose a good binocular? As for, you have to know how to choose binoculars faultlessly.

For your commodious, I defined the whole choosing process into 11 easy steps. These steps will incredibly tell you what to look and what to avoid while choosing.

How to choose binoculars in 11 easy steps

It seems too disappointed while choosing binoculars; we don’t research about binocular features and components. That’s the only reason countless people can’t even choose a flawless one for them.

So, how to choose binoculars exactly? After tough research, I can point out some matters that you must follow before choosing. Here are 11 easy steps to observe before choosing binoculars.

Knowing choosing purpose

Before you choose any binocular, you have to know first what purpose you want to choose it. Is it for watching bird activities, animal activities, sports & concerts, astrology, and other intentions?

Binocular comes with individual intentions, that’s why you have to choose distinct binocular for you. For example, you want to watch concerts; as for you should look at concert binoculars.

For birds and animals, you have to choose sky-view binoculars. Also, for sports purposes, you ought to choose sports binoculars.

Magnification power

Without proper magnification power, your binocular will be totally worthless. Binocular comes with several magnification powers such as 8×32, 8×42, 10×32, 10×42, 10×50, and more.

magnification power

In a simple word, more magnification power ensures more powerful zooming. Now you have to concern and consider what types of magnification power you will require.

For sports purposes, 8×32 to 10×32 is the best power to choose from. Also, for astrology destinations, you should choose 10×50 or more magnification powerful binocular.

Binocular size

In truth, the binocular size effect massively at zooming power. Short binocular delivers low range field of view rather large-sized binocular provides high-range eye relief and field of view.

A total of 3 various binocular are available to choose like compact, mid-size, and full-size. With a compact-sized binocular, you can watch less than 30 mm wide. A mid-sized binocular can provide 30mm – 40mm wide viewing quality.

At last, full-sized binocular can promises up to 40mm – 50mm view. Therefore, for a better wide viewing experience, you have to choose a large one.

Objective lens

When it comes to bright, sharp, and elegant picture quality, it all depends on the objective lens. An objective lens plays a great crucial role in full quality images. Without a proper lens, you can’t watch the image clearly.

That’s why before you choose any binocular, make sure it promises high-quality full images. Or else you can take ultra-clear lens able binocular.

Objective lens diameter

In the magnification power, without objective lens diameter, you can’t calculate the binocular power. The binocular objective lens diameter stays between 25 to 50mm.

As we know, more mm means more vigorous. Although you want to choose it for sports and concert purposes, 25 to 42mm is impeccable.


Eye Cup

The only eyecup can bring comfortability during observation and zooming. For instance, a small and unsmooth eye cup lens could create lots of trouble while watching. You have to take a demo first while choosing because the demo will tell you the conveniences and eye relaxes.

Field of view

field of view

In a zoom binocular or normal binocular, the field of view is much important as magnification power. Because it ensures a high-quality image while you are the last level of zoom.

There has a problem with a higher magnification binocular. You can watch it longer but not much wider. On the other hand, low magnification can’t reach longer, but it promises a wider view.

I have seen some binocular which can reach up to 370 feet field of view. So, you have to choose a binocular which ensures lots of field of view than others.


We use binocular for numerous reasons such as wildlife activities, sky-viewing, bird watching, sports and concerts, even astrology. We can’t use binocular stands always, especially while watching sports and concerts.

You have to hold it for a long time, and if it was high-weight, it would be difficult to hold. That’s why you have to choose lightest and lightweight binoculars.

Water & fog proof

How it looks if you want to take out your binocular and raindrops or fog surrounded you? It will be worse to look and worse for your binoculars too. But don’t panic, there have some binocular which comes with waterproof and fog proof technology.

With those features, you can use it in rain and fog conditions. That technology will protect your binocular for rain and fog tremendously.

Shock-absorbing rubber body

Particularly, a shock-absorbing rubber body assures the protectiveness and effortlessly holding. Because of it, you can hold it readily and its rubber body will help you additionally.

One more thing, this feature can absorb the impacts and other shocks. Indeed, it also helps to defend the important body parts from a collision.


For price matters, normally binocular isn’t so expensive, but some of the branded binocular are costly. Ordinary binocular is a little bit affordable; it might cost you 50 to 100 bucks.

But for major viewing intentions, it could cost you between 100 to 2000 bucks. Astrologist binocular is a highly costly device. You have to spend 500 to 2000 bucks for it.

Final verdict

I hope you obtain every single step of how to choose binoculars. I spend a huge time to complete the research about choosing binocular.

These steps define the features and specifications you should consider while choosing a binocular. Overall, every single step I said is most important for you and beginners.

So, don’t avoid any single steps when you choose, otherwise, you can’t get the good service with that. Eventually, thank you so much for spending your valuable time in this amusing and essential article.

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