How To Clean Your Binoculars?: 6 Effective Tips & Tricks

If you are facing problems or looking for an impeccable solution on how to clean your binoculars, whether you do it right now or preparing yourself for the future, you shouldn’t miss this brief discussion.

There is no time to dodge it if you skip the cleaning you will surely lose the longevity and performance of your binoculars. You will go outside or having a trip, this will make your binocular dusty or wet. So, It will necessary to clean your binoculars when it’s getting dirty.

Cleaning your pair of binoculars is straight forward. After researching a lot I found all the necessary steps you can take on cleaning your lovely binoculars. Take a look further below.

How To Clean Your Binoculars Lenses and Body

Necessary Tools or Equipment

Before starting the cleaning your binocular, you need a few important cleaning kits. They are cost-effective and those professional kits are available in the Amazon store.

  1. Air Blower
  2. Lens Pens
  3. Two Microfiber Cloth
  4. Lens Cleaner Soltuion

Remove the Dust or Dirt

The first thing you need to do is remove the dust from the binocular lens. When you start your outside journey with binocular can affect dust on the lens, it may sometimes cause scratches on the lens.

So, as natural habits people have a tendency to rub the lens to remove the dirt off. Don’t even think about it, because they left an imperceptible scratch on lenses for rubbing. Though, you can’t see those on your eyes but it scatters the lights and you will begin to see a cloudy image on the screen. Another thing you should also avoid is to blow the lenses with your breath to fog before rubbing, this will attract the dust and coating them on the lenses.

Instead, an air blower or soft camel hairbrush will be a great help. This impressive small device lets you blow small about of air to the lenses without any touch on the screen. After blowing it vanish all dust or dirt from the lenses. Use a lens cleaning kit besides the blower, it will be a perfect self-cleaning solution.

Soft Lens Pens

There is another affordable way to remove chronic dust using a soft lens pen. If you aren’t confident with air blower, use the lens pen is easy to go. Usually, the lens pens come for cleaning the camera lens, nevertheless, they are also great for binocular lenses. The lens pen specially made for coating the lens from dust.

lens pen

Now with the lens pen gently brush the lenses in a circle and up and down until the binocular is completely dust clean.

Microfiber lens cloth

The next prosses I’m going to introduce to you is microfiber lens cloth. It’s specially designed to clean the lenses. This microfiber cloth is much better than any other materials cloth, thus it will risk-free the lens damage.

You need to avoid the regular towel or paper trusses, they are very rough surface enough for damaging the lens. Likely don’t use your t-shirt corner also for its rough surface and normally they contain hidden dirt or dust which may coat in the lens.

microfiber lens cloth

For better cleaning, you can use a lens cleaner solution. Spray a few amounts onto the microfiber cloth and gently rounded it through the binocular lens, it will clean all coating dirt.

Be safe using any kind of window or glass cleaner for cleaning your binoculars lens. Because this type of cleaning solution can damage the coating of the binocular lens. By any chance, if you apply too much of them, it may enter the corner of the lenses and damage them.

Thankfully, there are many cleaning solution kits available in the market, just buy one of them. After that apply a small amount of it into the microfiber, then cleaning the lenses though it.

Clean the Body

Use the blower to clean the dust across the body. After that with a cloth swap the binocular body for cleaning the rest of the dirt. Be sure not to touch the lenses with this cloth, otherwise, it may spot a scratch. Also, don’t use the lens fiber cloth to cleaning the binocular body.

microfiber lens cloth

Clean the Eye Cups

Now on the last step, you need to clean the eyecups otherwise your binocular lenses will be affected in dirt after closing the cups. But if you cleaning them it will be less chance the dirt return back.

Use a secondary microfiber cloth to wipe the eyecups and binocular body.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the binocular is necessarily important facts to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your binocular. But you shouldn’t use any older tricks or equipment, even you don’t need to clean too frequently.

However, you should use professional cleaning ways. If you looking to know how to clean your binoculars, check above that I try to mention. Those things are specially designed for the binoculars. It is important that you do this process without having a touch on the lenses, because this may cause unwanted damages.

If any things enter the inside don’t panic and don’t do it by yourself, besides that contact with the manufacturer or call the local expert to clean it.


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